Cortex Aircheck Software

With AIRCHECK software you can measure maximum exercise testing, fat burning and resting metabolic rate.

We can do the following tests with this software

Maximum exercise test for the energetic.

With a maximum exercise test you will be able to approach top-performance-oriented and health-conscious clients. The Air Check software allows you to exactly determine the personalized heart rate zones for optimal exercising. The foundation for this approach is the analysis of the exercise-dependent oxygen consumption and the determination of the anaerobic threshold. Top-performance-oriented and health-oriented exercise schedules can then be developed on the basis of these results.




Fat burning testing for beginners and for weight reduction.

An effective, personalized fat burning exercise schedule simplifies the monitoring of weight reduction and is based on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates under progressive increasing physical exercise. The heart rate zone for optimum fat burning is determined individually. Two target groups can be approached with this test: the beginner that wants to specifically exercise in the basic zone and the obese individual that wants to reduce weight by specifically exercising in the efficient fat burning zone.




Resting Metabolic Rate testing for weight reduction.

The resting metabolic rate provides information on the energy balance of your client. For this, energy metabolism at rest is measured as the basis for a controlled calorie intake regime. This allows you to establish a nutrition plan for your client to achieve a continuous optimal weight.