Cortex Centerpiece: MetaSoft® Studio

One Software for all Processes.

The core of all CORTEX systems is the application software called MetaSoft® Studio. It manages and monitors all processes of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and controls all peripheral systems such as heart rate and blood pressure meters well as other measuring instruments.

Tailored Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing.

Intuitive workflows allow users to easily run all applications. Step by step, users are guided through the individual phases of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing. Based on a modular system, MetaSoft® Studio enables you to compile individual test and analysis processes. Each user can set up typical test processes and standardize them.


Easy Handling.

Useful graphical displays make it easy to evaluate the measurements. The user can select from different display options or configure the display of test data according to his or her preferences. Reporting functions allow you to display the test results in a clearly structured form. The user can either use a mouse, a touch screen or a keyboard to run the program.

Perfect ECG Integration.

 The product also offers integration of ECGs. The software supports numerous 12-channel ECG systems available on the market. The product Meta control 3000 from CORTEX combines a spiroergometer and a proven 12-channel ECG from the company Custo Med. MetaSoft Studio® combines both systems bi-directionally forming an easy-to-use cardiopulmonary diagnostics system.