Compact USB


COmpact™USB is the next generation of the popular COmpact™ Smokerlyzer®. Like the COmpact, it is small, economical and easy to use, plus it has the facility for connection to a PC via a USB cable.

Compact USB Features

  • USB port for connection to any PC or laptop
  • Analyses CO in a single breath
  • Quick and easy to upload results
  • Simple, single switch operation
  • Hygienic, disposable Flatpak™ mouthpieces
  • Clinically proven stop smoking help


  • Affordable for home use
  • Ideal for use with online stop smoking services
  • An additional tool for GPs to encourage people to stop smoking
  • Can be used alongside other stop smoking treatments such as NRT
  • Also screens for CO poisoning in non-smoking patients (e.g. from a faulty boiler)